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Bilbao, Spain

Enjoy a luxury private tour of Bilbao with Aitor Delgado Tours.

People who appreciate architecture, painting, and sculpture love Bilbao. Its streets are an openair contemporary architecture museum with masterpieces by Gehry, Foster, Calatrava, Isozaki, Pelli, Moneo, and Alvaro Siza. These modern works coexist with older neighbors, buildings styled after eclecticism, modernism, regionalism, art deco, rationalism, baroque, Gothic, etc.
Likewise, paintings and sculptures by Koons, Serra and Rothko in the Guggenheim Museum, or the art by Basque & Spanish artists like Zuloaga, El Greco, Murillo, Goya, Sorolla, Chillida, and Oteiza in the Fine Arts Museum are a must-sees for art lovers and connoisseurs.

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