Kizan Tourism

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Kizan is an inbound Destination Management Company (DMC).

With headquarters based in Jeddah, they provide exquisite and curated experiences to visit Saudi as destination unexplored. Through a team of professionals and destination experts, they offer standardized itineraries as well as curated and articulated experiences varying from adventure tourism, exploration, water experiences, safari desert exploration as well as mountain hiking experiences.

With an eye to detail, they curate and plan itineraries for groups, individuals with tour guides to explore the heritage, culture, history, modernity, local delicacies and conclude with memorable experiences that Saudi has to offer.

Their end to end services include travel lodging and boarding, hotel booking, transportation services, guided tours and experiences as well as infusion of events within the itinerary to accommodate different elements of corporate and leisure itinerary, stopover packages, week long itineraries as well as custom built itineraries.

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