Airtrav Philippines

Manila, Philippines

Airtrav provides premier seaplane-chartered services straight to the shores of your favorite Philippine islands with a Cessna Grand Caravan Ex Amphibian, which is the largest single-engine airplane produced by Cessna and seats eight passengers comfortably.

It can take off and land safely on water – the Airtrav Experience.

Currently, Airtrav offers scheduled flights between Manila, Boracay, Coron and Puerto Galera, departing from their own hangar straight to your favorite beaches.

The seaplane can also be chartered for any occasion to any destination in the Philippines. It’s not every day that we get to fly high enough to maintain a panoramic view of the Philippine archipelago and land on the bluest waters in the country.

Airtrav makes sure that the safety of both their crew and passengers remain to be their top priority. Considering promoting local travels, Airtrav aspires to bring the Philippine islands closer to you while making significant positive contributions to the local communities by taking all possible paths toward reviving tourism in the Philippines.

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