Aldeia da Cuada

Ilha das Flores

Aldeia da Cuada is a rural tourism accommodation between the green of the mountains and the blue of the sea. At the westernmost point of Europe.

Their history goes back more than 300 years. The oldest document found was a parish record of a marriage in 1705. In the first quarter of the XIX century, Aldeia da Cuada had 122 habitants distributed by 20 houses. Only two of them were covered by roof tile.

Searching for the New World, many locals emigrated, this way Aldeia da Cuada was abandoned around the 60’s, started being rebuilt by the 80’s and opened as accommodation on 1 October 1999.

There are 4 different house sizes: T1, T2, T4 and T6. With a total of 17 houses they have capacity for up to 64 persons.

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