Anton’s Egypt Tours

Cairo, Egypt

Real culture. Local food. Top destinations.

Welcome to the world where luxury meets exclusive experiences that travelers only dream about. Based on the needs and aspirations of the groups Anton's Egypt proudly serve, they curate authentic and unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for guests from around the world.

The team is comprised of Egyptologists who are born and raised in Egypt, so they live and breath the real Egypt lifestyle. Instead of rushing from site to site or being shuttled back to your hotel on a large tour bus, you’ll have the time to experience local culture. From discussing modern day topics at a street-side coffee shop, to sharing stories over shisha after seeing the day’s sites, you’re bound to learn about Egypt’s ancient history and its current way of life.

Private Tours, VIP Access to Temples and Luxury Perks - To create the most luxurious Egypt tour experiences on the planet, the luxury group tour packages to Egypt include one-of-a-kind tours and excursions.

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