Ceres Rail Company

Cape Town, South Africa

Onboard the trains of Ceres Rail Company, guests can enjoy the wonderful scenery from various seating options whilst sipping on drinks from the fully licensed cash bar or snacking in the dining car.

Rail is the perfect platform from which to absorb the grandeur of the fair Cape. Trains have a certain inextricable mystique about them. It is little wonder they’re often the setting for romantic rendezvous, murder mysteries and elaborate heists. Perhaps it’s the unstoppable forward momentum; the intimacy of the enclosed space or the sense of adventure and anticipation they evoke.

Guests spend their time on the train doing what they enjoy best, whether mingling in the bar, reading a book, taking in the sights, catching up with family, or closing their eyes and letting their senses take them back to another place in time.

The service is suited to all ages and promises to be an experience to never forget.

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