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For over 25 years, Classic Resorts has proudly held the mantle as Ireland's premier luxury travel brand, weaving dreams into reality with unparalleled expertise.

The sister brand to Cassidy Travel – Ireland’s biggest and most expansive travel agency, Classic Resorts has mastered the art of curating bespoke luxury holidays and honeymoons that transcend ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Dedicated to the discerning traveller, Classic Resorts specialises in crafting lavish worldwide escapades to the most coveted destinations across Africa, Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, Mexico, and the Arabian Gulf. The seasoned travel consultants, possessing an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things travel, stand ready to embark on a journey with you, meticulously tailoring each aspect of your getaway to perfection.

Whether you seek the untamed beauty of Africa's savannas, the exotic allure of Asia's ancient wonders, or the tranquil shores of the Caribbean, Classic Resorts is your trusted companion in realising the pinnacle of luxury travel aspirations.

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