Crag Cave

Casteisland, Ireland

Crag Cave is an ancient fossil cave system over one million years old.

It was formed by underground rivers and flood-filled, eroding the limestone rock over millennia. Nature stands as a creative and patient stonemason, carving unique and atmospheric tunnels and caverns.
Older than mankind itself, Crag Cave was not discovered until 1983.

Today, Ireland’s most exciting show cave is an all-weather visitor attraction located just north of Castleisland, the getaway to Kerry.
It is an extensive underground system that is almost four kilometers long and is one of the finest examples of limestone cave formation on the island. Crag Cave is the longest cave in County Kerry, the seventh longest cave in Ireland.
Crag Cave is a living system that will continue to grow and change, in balance with nature, for tens of thousands of years to come.
At Crag Cave, nature’s work is combined with an atmospheric lighting system to enchance the dramatic and unique natural beauty of the cave.

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