Elite Travel Italy

Florence, Italy

Elite Travel Italy is a Luxury Boutique DMC specialized in the organization of exclusive trips to Italy, shaping every detail.

They are specialized in organizing and managing dream trips throughout Italy. Every single trip is unique, tailor-made following clients’ requests: from the destination, to itinerary planning, to the choice of guide and exclusive experience.

Elite Travel Italy is the reference point for exclusive professional operators who have Italy as a destination. When it comes to distinctive services and personalization, there must be no compromise: like a compass always showing the magnetic North, they strive for perfection, all the way.

With Elite Travel Italy – a boutique Destination Management Company – their business partners and their guests will have access to the widest and most privileged set of relationships with hotels and service providers.

The idea comes from the boutique, a sacred place in the Italian ideal where the greatest masters of fashion have conceived, designed and created unique pieces tailored for their customers. This is their way of communicating the touch of the artisans in their effort to adapt to the travel program of each of their guests; their name represents the mission to share their culture with guests, uniting it with their individual needs and preferences.
From a vision a mission was born; thanks to their passion it has turned into an obsession...to strive for perfection!

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