Juma Art Tours

Cape Town, South Africa

At Juma Art Tours, they believe in connecting visitors and locals through responsible tourism.

They understand the importance of giving people a platform to share their ideas through our community projects, and immerse various communities into their love for art, sport, history and culture.

They use a creative platform to educate the community creating home gardens or painting murals and help them find their passions. By going on a Juma Art Tour, you not only learn about the awe-inspiring neighbourhoods you roam, but you are helping support and uplift a local community. Each mural you see has brought the community together in some aspect. Whether it be the connection created from the art’s meaning or just the simple enjoyment of its beauty,

Juma Art Tours is unlike any other tour company. You will find a piece of home in every person you meet, every piece of culture and history you experience and every piece of art you encounter.

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