Kanimbia Luxury Glamping

Obi Obi, Australia

Down a private leafy lane in the Sunshine Coast, Hinterland, escape to another world, where luxury glamping meets the beautiful secluded green parklands of Kanimbia in the Obi Obi valley.

Kanimbia (meaning Hidden Valley) feels like a moment set still in time where its smooth
green pastures meet the edge of tropical rainforests. Wander amongst its grounds
surrounding native bushland, dip your toes into their creek waters, or just lie back in your
claw foot bath overlooking the bush setting which sings to the sounds of the native

Kanimbia evokes a sense of calmness and serenity far from the city environs which calls to
a deeper longing for peace, tranquillity and stillness.

A bespoke luxury experience where in this busy frantic world we have placed quality over
quantity with their small number of Safari tents and traditional Sioux Indian tipis, where
their preference is for creativity, hand chosen furnishings and the space to truly relax and rejuvenate.

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