Morocco Desert Tour

Ait Hammou, Morocco

Morocco offers a spectacular blending of European, African, Jewish, Berber, Islamic and Arab influences. Fascinating landscapes include splendid snow-capped mountains, unspoiled beaches.

Vast stretches of Oasis, Berber fortress. The green river valleys and labyrinth of ancient cities. The markets in the cities are a wealth of beautifully designed handicrafts. Traditional Kasbahs and riads, are restored for offering them. Furthermore, hidden guesthouses which can be basic and luxurious.
Taste the signature Moroccan cuisines. Like tagines with vegetables or chickens flavouring rich spices like cumin. Including garlic coriander and saffron and full-flavored harira soup of lamb. Flat bread is the staple food of the Moroccan diet. Best Morocco tour packages always provide all these enjoying items.

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