Morocco Desert Tour

Ait Hammou, Morocco

Morocco offers a spectacular blending of European, African, Jewish, Berber, Islamic and Arab influences. Fascinating landscapes include splendid snow-capped mountains and unspoiled beaches.

Vast stretches of Oasis, the Berber fortress. The green river valleys and labyrinth of ancient cities. The markets in the cities are a wealth of beautifully designed handicrafts. Traditional Kasbahs and riads, are restored for offering them. Furthermore, hidden guesthouses which can be basic and luxurious.
Taste the signature Moroccan cuisines; like tagines with vegetables or chickens with flavouring of rich spices like cumin. Including garlic, coriander and saffron and full-flavored Harira soup of lamb. Flat bread is the staple food of the Moroccan diet. The best Morocco tour packages always provide all these enjoying items.

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