Passadiços do Paiva – Arouca Geopark


The project "Passadiços do Paiva" is an infrastructure to support tourism, recreation, leisure and environmental education, inaugurated in 2015 and located on the left side of the Paiva river.

This project consists on a set of sections and pedestrian staircases built in pine wood in order to make accessible the enjoyment of a unique natural landscape of the Paiva River valley. Between schist and granite, meanders and the Paiva river gorge, this river is part of a natural space classified by Natura 2000 and the classified area Arouca – Unesco Global Geopark.

This project's main goals were to economically enhance the endogenous resources in order to stimulate tourism flows, increase the average stay at the destination, increase tourism revenue and REVPAR and, in general, enhance local economic development.

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