Pensão Amor

Lisbon, Portugal

Unique, daring and very bold!

Just like in the past, the halls of Pensão Amor fill up with people from all over the world, now in search of the pleasures of art and culture. In this space, full of nooks and crannies, love is lived and prejudices are annulled to dance freely and to toast life with the famous signature cocktails. The theme is inviting, as well as the uniqueness of the space.

Pensão Amor was reborn to embrace the modern “seafarers”, who visit Lisbon to discover this vibrant city full of culture and tradition. The various rooms, decorated with life and art, are sometimes dance floors, sometimes stages for surprise pole dance shows, sensual burlesque presentations themed parties, poetry meetings, plays and lots of live music. There is even a ``girlfriend on duty`` for the lonely hearts. No wonder they have become the most desired parties in Lisbon’s nightlife scene.

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