Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PS150, one of the first cocktail bars to hit Kuala Lumpur, serving up cocktails in the aged heart of the city, whilst tapping into rich histories to inspire great times.

Housed in a pre-war shop in Chinatown, PS150 snakes around a tiny stationery shop and beneath the bustling Merchant's Lane coffee shop, inhibiting the least expected of places.

The space is cleverly divided into three distinct seating areas, each evoking a different era in the history of Indochine and cocktails. Child-like curiosity is rewarded at PS150 as there is much more than meets the eye behind its unassuming entrance. Journeying further, you'll discover intimate booths that beckon you near, leading to an open-air terrace that offers a refreshing respite. Finally, the culmination of this immersive experience awaits—a captivating and atmospheric bar, nestled deep within the shop, ready to unveil its secrets.

Befitting its location, Far Eastern accents liven up the bar as the interiors harken back to a darker, yet more exciting time in the city’s history. The shop lot which formerly operated as a brothel has now been transformed into a hearth of merriment that can seat up to 50 guests at full capacity.

Imbibers can expect the familiar quality of cocktails from the unexpected repertoire of the team. The cocktails at PS150 draw from bold Southeast Asian flavours using distinct ingredients that are native to this part of the world. A wide array of spirits and liqueurs curated by the team are also available to choose from.

Expect the unexpected from obscure vermouths to local ginger wines - an adventurous tipple awaits the bold at PS150.

The cocktail list is divided into five distinct eras in the history of this mixed beverage: Vintage, Prohibition, Tiki, Disco and Contemporary. Each era presents a key cocktail reimagined, as well as concoctions original to PS150. This is the place to transport you in time and space!

For a fully transformative experience, venture over to PS150. Learn to love the city as we have - with all her features and flaws. A drink in hand never hurts anyone.

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