Red Sea Global

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Red Sea is an emerging tourism destination on Saudi Arabia's western coast, developed by Red Sea Global (RSG).

The destination epitomizes responsible development and sustainability as the developer works to not only preserve the environment but actually enhance it. RSG’s goal to redefine industry standards in responsible development.

The destination’s first resorts are taking bookings, and their dedicated airport received its first domestic flight, marking their initial welcome to guests. Another 13 hotels will launch in 2025, concluding Phase One.

The project's completion in 2030 will feature 50 hotels, luxury marinas, golf courses, and diverse entertainment and dining options spanning 28,000km².

The Red Sea offers diverse visitor experiences, from hiking dormant volcanoes and uncovering historical sites to snorkeling vibrant reefs and indulging in Saudi culture and hospitality, all within a framework of luxury and innovation.

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