Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport

Ndola, Zambia

Managed by Zambia Airports Corporation Limited (ZACL), Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of luxury travel.

As one of Zambia’s premier gateways to the world, this airport embodies a harmonious blend of modern amenities, exceptional service, and a commitment to providing travellers with a truly luxurious experience.

Situated in Zambia's Copperbelt Province, a renowned mining area, the airport holds a strategic position, serving as a vital transportation hub for both domestic and international travellers from regions extending as far as the Northwestern Province of Zambia and the Congo DRC.

Its proximity to major industrial and commercial centres enhances accessibility, facilitating seamless travel for business executives, tourists, and dignitaries alike. The airport's efficient connectivity to various destinations including South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Congo DRC, and Tanzania among others, contributes to its allure as a preferred entry point into Zambia and the wider region.

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