iJump Gran Canaria

Las Palmas, Spain

iJump Gran Canaria love jumping out of planes and they want to share their passion with the world!

It is truly amazing to witness the vivid transformation of a person who skydives for the first time, a daily reminder of why they do what they do as we all remember our first jump.
For them, this was a life changing moment and the beginning of many adventures which ultimately led to the creation of iJump as their desire to share their passion grew.
iJump prides themselves of having the most professional team and safety standards, operating with highly experienced staff who are proficient and passionate about what they do. Dedicated to excellence and enthusiastic to share their passion, their team will warmly welcome customers into the unique world of skydiving. A world which is filled with a vibrant energy of adventure, excitement and happiness. This is a lifestyle and their motto speaks for itself: Life is fun!

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