Zambartas Wineries

Limassol, Cyprus

Zambartas Wineries was established in 2006 by the Zambartas family.

With the wealth of knowledge of father Akis and the modern Australian winemaking training of son Marcos, the focus was on creating quality wines that express the true identity of Cypriot vineyards and varieties.

Since then the winery has become one of the leading wineries of the island, and greatly contributed to the current modern revival of the Cypriot wine industry. Marcos & Marleen Zambartas run the winery with a team of young and dedicated people.

They make a conscious effort in preserving and promoting the endemic varieties of the island, such as Xynisteri, Maratheftiko and Yiannoudi. Besides planting new vineyards, they are saving the truly unique centenarian vineyards that thrive on Cyprus’ dry chalky soils. Both young and new vineyards are organically cultivated.

Zambartas welcome visitors for tastings all year around. Their knowledgeable hostesses will provide a warm welcome.

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